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Meet the Rellies

Things in my life haven't always worked out as I planned them.  This little lot worked out pretty well though.  Please meet my tribe, of whom I am inordinately fond ...

In Wedding Order ...

I know things are usually presented in chronological order.  However, you can't expect my family to play by the rules.  So, since much of the focus here is on wedding photos it seems logical to work in wedding order.

The Mother of our Four Wonderful Children

The Other Guilty Party

Philippa looks under a bit of strain here (this was taken at Pete's wedding and Rachel's was only four weeks away -- Mother-Of_The_... stress! ) but, let me tell you, she is one strong woman.  After we had the parting of the ways she brought up the four kids on her own and did a darn good job.

She was just a shy girl in her first year of university when I met her but it only took her two years to nail me down in 1973.  She had a gift for languages but she gave it all away to marry me.  Once the kids were off her hands, though, she went back to languages.  For some years now she has been working with a Christian group based in New Guinea.  She works on translating the Bible into languages which never had written form before.

From what I can gather, conditions are less than luxurious but she loves what she does.  The whole darn family is proud of her.

Teresa married Graham - July 26, 2003

Teresa and Graham got married in a hurry.  Philippa was heading off to New Guinea and Teresa laid the law down that, if she and Graham were to marry, they had to get married before Philippa went.  So they did!  On the right is a recent photo of the old married couple.  Click on it if you dare a closer look!

Teresa and Graham - more formal

The wedding was fairly solemn and formal and so were the photos.  Black and white, yet!  I didn't know they still made black and white film!  To be fair, I think the reception was somewhat less formal!

Graham is a musician.  He was dedicated enough to pack up his wife and emigrate to Sydney for a year to study.  He teaches drums and seems to be doing well.

Teresa is a teacher.  She is currently head of a school in their home town so you must say she is doing okay!  Having Duley blood, I wonder how she copes with the administration paperwork, but I don't hear any complaints.

Peter married Amanda - September 28, 2007

Pete and Amanda - getting to know eachother

Peter wasn't one to waste time either.  Everyone was preparing for Rachel's wedding then, out of the blue, Peter announced that he and Amanda were getting married too!  Not only that, but they were getting married a month before Rachel and Barry!  Rumour had it that he was scared of losing her.  Having met her, I can believe that there would have been others in pursuit.

Peter and Amanda went a bit less formal.  Their wedding photos largely consist of snaps of people dancing.  The one on the left (click to enlarge) is just about as close to formal as any of them.  It has been suggested that the photo is ominous of a marriage on the rocks but there was certainly no sign of that when they came over to visit me.

Peter works in IT support.  Amanda is a teacher.  They met when both of them and Teresa were working at the same school.   Amanda teaches.  She specialises in the littlies as relieving teacher in schools around the area.  She will wind up being remembered (fondly, I am sure) by about half the people in Franklin County.  A bit like Annie McGuire, who was a teacher at Pokeno Primary School when I started there (the old one on the Thames Rd).  She taught times tables with a ruler!  Inocculation via the knuckles!  I suspect Amanda has different techniques.

It took them a while, but in 2013 they greeted their daughter Gemma.  Gemma arrived a few minutes before midnight on Good Friday.  A couple of days later she found out what Easter Bunnies are made of.

Rachel married Barry - October 27, 2007

Rachel and Barry - in Courting days!

The boy's suits had barely been hung in the wardrobe before they were brushed off again for the wedding of Rachel and Barry.  To the onlooker, this wedding would have looked pretty traditional.  It was anything but!  Having the readings done in both English and Afrikaans would have given you the hint.

Barry hails from Bloemfontein, Republic of South Africa, so the floral theme of the decorations was the juxtaposition of the Protea and the Silver Fern.  Quite original.  Quite beautiful.  Singularly appropriate!  (Click picture on left to enlarge.)

These two (click on right to enlarge) are keen outdoor folk.  Mountain biking, yachting, tramping, caravaning - anything to get out of the house.  The emails I get are usually some tantalising snippet of information about their latest adventure.  Maybe they'll never settle down.  Half their luck!

Rachel is a chemist and she spends much of her time on the road visiting companies that use her company's products.  These days, of course, that means when she is not on Maternity Leave!  Barry has just qualified as a Civil Engineer and is busy building a new career.  Things are pretty good in the Beaurain household.

Barry and Rachel have a bundle of joy named Emily.  Click here to see why she is a bundle of joy.

Then there were two.  Click here to see the little surprise there was for Emily.

Guess who's just had dinner!  Click here for a clearer shot at Amy.

I don't know what Rachel feeds them, but the just keep getting bigger  Click here to see how they grewed.

Then there was one ...

Aliza - still spreading joy

Aliza is the only one left in single blessedness.  She always was a bit individual and she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to take the plunge.  And there is no hurry, after all.

Aliza has been working with a Christian Mission in Auckland for as long as I care to remember.  I don't know quite what she does but she goes to lots of holiday camps with younger folk.  Always seems to have a whale of a time -- at any case, her voice is usually hoarse if I phone her when she is at one of them.

I know how she feels.  I was a leader at youth camps once.  That's when you remember how much of a handful you were yourself.

Now there are four grandchildren ...

Bernjamin James Duley, and his version of greeting the world

On May 2, 2015 Benjamin James Duley, second in line to the throne of the House of Duley, gave his first bleat. That made it four grandkids, and they are quite a tribe!

He can't fly …

... but I'm tellin' you
He can run the legs off a Kangaroo!

That's what an old Australian song tells you anyway!  These are very strange birds indeed.  Flightless and big enough to kick you over!  And it's the male that looks after the chicks.  The female just lays the eggs and departs into the desert.  Dad incubates them and then jealously guards the brood until they are big enough to look after themselves.

So if somebody quotes you the Banjo Paterson poem 'In The Droving Days' where it runs:

We saw the fleet wild horses pass,
And the Kangaroos through the Mitchell grass,
The emu ran with her frightened brood
All unmolested and unpursued.
But there rose a shout and a wild hubbub
When the dingo raced for his native scrub, ...

you can shake your head wisely and say,
'The Banjo got that one wrong ...'.  'That emu wasn't a 'her'!

It's about the only time you'll catch The Banjo out!